Watch DVD/BD ISOs Without A Writer

I’m not one for fan films. I’ve been on the Internet in one form or another since 300 baud modems were a thing. (Remember when the BBS and Quantum Link were a thing? My geek credentials are solid.) I’ve seen a lot of truly horrible fan films. I’ve also been a Star Trek fan since […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #200

Believe it or not, I’ve actually reached show #200! Who would have thought that it’s possible with only five or six listeners! (Okay, maybe seven.) I release this on the day of some big sports thingy that’s going on because – believe it or not – there are many of us who don’t give a […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #195

I will admit that I’m a bit more rant-y in this podcast than others, but between the election, the reactions from idiots on both sides, and other things, I guess I needed to vent via my own impeccable logic and common sense. You’ll understand why the title of this particular episode is “Stupid People Doing […]

The Movie and Media Postcast #155

Yes, I skipped a few episodes here. Sorry about that; however, you should be checking out my official podcast site or subscribing through iTunes anyway. (I’m working on adding more streaming options for those who don’t like or can’t run iTunes.) Also, I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting show notes here as well as on […]

The Widescreen.Org Movie and Media Podcast #123

I’m back for another episode! I’ve finally gone 3D (or at least my TV has), I review the Google Chromecast, most manufacturers drop prices of HDTVs, Sony starts its 4K download service, Monster has yet another excuse to try to blatantly rip you off, Ant-Man pushed up to a crowded Summer 2015 release, Pirates 5 is […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #114

Yes, I know, I skipped #113 here but you should be going to, my RSS feed, or iTunes to get my podcasts anyway. 😉 In this episode Hollywood loses two icons, Sony’s budget 4K TVs are still expensive, movies at home for $35K, Aereo gets a victory as networks cry like babies, more Star Trek […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #111

After eight months, I get to do my first podcast without any metal in my foot! Die Hard wins at the box office, use your iPad to optimize your TV, The Hobbit comes to disc next month, two different Treks  are coming to theaters, World of Warcraft is coming to the big screen, Harrison Ford […]

The Movie an Media Podcast #110

J.J. Abrams closes the deal to direct “Star Wars Episode 7” putting 3D prequel releases on hold, Super Bowl movie trailers have been revealed, MGM announces some reboots, “Star Trek Into Darkness” might (finally) have Klingons and another option for the villain is found (and it’s NOT Khan, so stop it!), high frame rate is […]