Misogyny: You keep (mis)using that word…

Today, Disney/Marvel announced that the comic version of Thor will become female (for the third time). I have no problems with having a female Thor, although the move smacks of marketing and political correctness more than anything else. After all, they could just as easily have created a new IP with a new superheroine rather than, […]

The Widescreen.Org Movie and Media Podcast #139

I’m a bit of a Grumpy Gus in this episode.  It’s not from anything in particular, but rather the piling up of a lot of little things that are getting on my nerves.  Anyway … the SCOTUS is a bunch of techno-boobs, do you really need 4K, a writer for Star Wars: Episode 7 and 8 is found, […]

The Widescreen.org Movie and Media Podcast #138

Another show, another rant. This time it’s directed (again) at the clueless disc haters who have themselves convinced that physical media will go away in only two years (ignoring the fact that we won’t see the infrastructure for that to happen within our lifetimes). Otherwise, The Fault In Our Stars and the latest X-Men dominate their respective […]

Others Were More Deserving At The Oscars

Anyone who listens to my podcast knows that I’m not a fan of the Oscars.  Rowan Atkinson accurately reflected my views during one of his stand-ups when he said: What could be more dull than these sordid back-slapping sessions where has-beens in tuxedos hand over to even older has-beens in tuxedos awards for plays that […]

The Widescreen.org Movie and Media Podcast #107

What happened to #106?  It’s there, but I forgot to post about it here.  (Whoops!)  Unfortunately, bronchitis has struck me (hard) once again!  Oh, the joys of having bad lungs!  I can only imagine how much worse I’d be if I had actually started smoking at some point in my life. Because my throat is […]

The Widescreen.org Movie and Media Podcast #105

Get ready for podcast #105, although it might be a downer for a lot of you. One empire takes over a different “Empire”, a “Blade Runner” sequel is happening, Ubisoft gets a partner for their “Assassins Creed” film, the BBC iPlayer is blocked in the US by Comcast and Time-Warner, the “Firefly” crew reunites, 4K is […]

The Widescreen.Org Movie and Media Podcast #099

George Lucas will officially retire, alien “Ninja Turtles” indefinitely suspended, Toshiba will release a 21:9 tablet, HBO tells web-only supporters to go away, 500 free movies for you to watch, Pennywise will return in a two-part movie, and you can build an awesome AT-AT loft bed. Click here to listen or right-click to download (Sorry, […]

“Diablo III” is evil … in a bad way

As someone who has waited with eager anticipation for Diablo III to finally be released after a 12 year wait, Diablo II was released in 2000), I knew there would be issues that would be a bit of a pain in the rear end. Don’t misunderstand.  Diablo III is exactly what I’ve come to expect. […]

Why The Android Tablet Makers Continue To Fail

I’ll admit that accusing Android tablet makers of “failing” might be a bit much; but considering that I want to buy a 10-inch Android tablet and I have yet to find one that’s reasonably priced, I consider that to be a failing on their part. As I type, my trusty HP TouchPad sits to my […]

The Widescreen.org Movie and Media Podcast #94

 Show #94 is here! SOPA and PIPA are pining for the fjords, “The Holy Grail” is coming to Blu-ray, more Hollywood piracy lies, Johnny 5 to come alive … again (unfortunately), Calgary pulls a major “Star Trek” coup, leprosy kills your funny bone, “Star Wars” is remade in 15-second segments, and more! Direct link  / […]