My Ouya Has A New Body

So far, I’ve been having fun with my Ouya, as much as I can anyway. I’m not really into 8-bit platformers anymore because the indie scene has become saturated with them. Unfortunately, those constitute the majority of games that are currently available for the Ouya.  Still, games like Shadowgun and applications like Plex help to keep my Ouya […]

My First 30 Minutes With Ouya

So far I’ve been playing with the Ouya for about 30 minutes and have tried out three games so far: “Flashout 3D” (racing), “Mini Squadron” (arcade), and “The Pinball Arcade” (self-explanatory). “Flashout 3D” is incredibly good. (The closest equivalent would be “Wipeout HD” on the PlayStation.) The graphics are very smooth and fluid and the […]

Ouya is here!

My Kickstarter-funded Ouya just arrived today. Sadly, thanks to two back-to-back videography projects, I won’t have time to really play with this little unit for a while, possibly even closer to its primary release day.  But maybe I’ll get lucky and find some time between projects. You can expect my own review as soon as […]

No, Ouya Does NOT Need To Fear Project SHIELD

Android gaming is exploding. The plethora of Tegra-based tablets and multi-core phones that can produce console-quality graphics have made the demand for games on Android skyrocket. The most notable entry into Android gaming is the Ouya gaming console. The Kickstarter for the Ouya was one of the most successful Kickstarter projects ever, bringing in $8.5 […]