The Movie and Media Podcast #143

Oh, yeah! There’s a lot of white powder around my studio. It’s probably not what you think it is, though. The biggest news is that the unaltered, original Star Wars trilogy is likely to be heading to Blu-ray in 2015! This is fantastic news for those of us who hold the pre-Special Editions so dearly. The […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #141

Yes! I skipped another one! I admit it! Things happen. I’ve been a busy little boy lately, okay? Anyway, I’m in a really good mood during this show, but there are people out there who really need to shut the hell up. They’re making the rest of humanity look bad. You’ll understand more when you […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #134

Whoops, I think I did it again and skipped listing the previous podcast here. I blame having three kids because they do things to your mind. Anyway, Amazon enters the streaming hardware market, Captain America 2 breaks records all over, the MPAA are narrow-minded hypocrites (not that we didn’t know that already), Christopher Nolan defends film […]

The Widescreen.Org Movie and Media Podcast #132

It’s time for the world’s biggest popularity contest! The Oscars have arrived and … and … pfft. Whatever. it’s the biggest of the big backslapping sessions.  Oh, and I caught a head and chest cold, so the podcast is a bit rougher than usual. The world mourns the death of Harold Ramis, Disney launches hundreds […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #114

Yes, I know, I skipped #113 here but you should be going to, my RSS feed, or iTunes to get my podcasts anyway. 😉 In this episode Hollywood loses two icons, Sony’s budget 4K TVs are still expensive, movies at home for $35K, Aereo gets a victory as networks cry like babies, more Star Trek […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #112

“Six Strikes” goes into effect in the US, Cablevision sues Viacom to bring a la carte programming, more movie content comes to the Nook HD and HD+, “The Hobbit: There And Back Again” is delayed until Dec 2014, 4K movies will be over 100GB, Bryan Singer to fix s**t from “X-Men: The Last Stand”, a […]

The Movie an Media Podcast #110

J.J. Abrams closes the deal to direct “Star Wars Episode 7” putting 3D prequel releases on hold, Super Bowl movie trailers have been revealed, MGM announces some reboots, “Star Trek Into Darkness” might (finally) have Klingons and another option for the villain is found (and it’s NOT Khan, so stop it!), high frame rate is […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #107

What happened to #106?  It’s there, but I forgot to post about it here.  (Whoops!)  Unfortunately, bronchitis has struck me (hard) once again!  Oh, the joys of having bad lungs!  I can only imagine how much worse I’d be if I had actually started smoking at some point in my life. Because my throat is […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #105

Get ready for podcast #105, although it might be a downer for a lot of you. One empire takes over a different “Empire”, a “Blade Runner” sequel is happening, Ubisoft gets a partner for their “Assassins Creed” film, the BBC iPlayer is blocked in the US by Comcast and Time-Warner, the “Firefly” crew reunites, 4K is […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #103

Retailers have been caught violating TV size advertising restrictions, LG removes online pricing competition from high-end TVs, new “Hobbit” stills are released, DreamWorks to release 12 movies by 2016, the new RoboCop looks idiotic, “Pirates 5” to start shooting, “Boondock Saints 3” is getting started, the BFI explains how they’re restoring Hitchcock’s silent films, and […]