Thew Movie and Media Podcast #149

I actually managed to get a podcast done not only less than two weeks from the previous one (a miracle in and of itself as of late) but I set my own record by having it done in just over two hours! Hopefully this bodes well for future episodes. In this episodes, Sony got hacked […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #141

Yes! I skipped another one! I admit it! Things happen. I’ve been a busy little boy lately, okay? Anyway, I’m in a really good mood during this show, but there are people out there who really need to shut the hell up. They’re making the rest of humanity look bad. You’ll understand more when you […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #111

After eight months, I get to do my first podcast without any metal in my foot! Die Hard wins at the box office, use your iPad to optimize your TV, The Hobbit comes to disc next month, two different Treks  are coming to theaters, World of Warcraft is coming to the big screen, Harrison Ford […]

The Movie an Media Podcast #110

J.J. Abrams closes the deal to direct “Star Wars Episode 7” putting 3D prequel releases on hold, Super Bowl movie trailers have been revealed, MGM announces some reboots, “Star Trek Into Darkness” might (finally) have Klingons and another option for the villain is found (and it’s NOT Khan, so stop it!), high frame rate is […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #108

The last show for 2012, and my voice is (mostly) back to normal. Topics include my (long-winded) thoughts on “The Hobbit” and HFR (48 frames-per-second), TVii for WiiU is now a thing, Kentucky gets treated to an indie film showcase in Owensboro, the “Justice League” movie has a bad guy, the “Star Wars” sequels get […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #103

Retailers have been caught violating TV size advertising restrictions, LG removes online pricing competition from high-end TVs, new “Hobbit” stills are released, DreamWorks to release 12 movies by 2016, the new RoboCop looks idiotic, “Pirates 5” to start shooting, “Boondock Saints 3” is getting started, the BFI explains how they’re restoring Hitchcock’s silent films, and […]