I Don’t Care About The Oculus Rift Anymore

The news that Facebook (of all places) bought Oculus VR sent a shock wave throughout the Internet, particularly the gaming community. Condemnation, anger, ambivalence, confusion, and rage echoed around the world. The only people who seemed to be genuinely happy with this are Mark Zuckerberg,¬†Palmer Luckey, and John Carmack. I know I’m not happy with […]

Block some of the annoying Facebook tickers

I love Facebook. I admit it. I don’t love the new changes – at all. The most annoying additions are without question the running ticker, which is nothing more than their ridiculously bad version of Twitter, and the People You Should Follow ticker (or whatever its name is). The Twitter-wannabe section is frankly a disgusting […]

Facebook Can Be Really Stupid At Times

I’m not quite sure who the knucklehead is at Facebook who thought that this was a good error message, but he or she obviously did not think this one through. Please explain to me why I should check to see if I’m connected to the Internet when it was that same Internet that not only […]