Widescreen.org Podcast #241

Well, this is it. The last Widescreen.org podcast for 2018, and what a crazy decade this year has been. Does anyone remember that there were Olympic games earlier this year? Me neither. I can very much say that I love my country and my fellow citizens (of all skin colors), with extra love and respect […]

The Widescreen.org Movie and Media Podcast #207

I figured that the cost of really large TVs was more because of the “luxury” factor, but as it turns out the prices might really be due to the laws of supply and demand. But if you’re looking for 55-65″ TV prices to drop like they have for 40-47″ TVs, you’ve got several years to […]

Convert 3D Blu-ray for Roku, Google Cardboard, or Oculus Rift

One of the benefits to Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and similar phone-based headsets is stereoscopic 3D. As a big supporter of stereoscopic 3D, I’ve already been playing with converting my 3D Blu-rays – yes, Hollywood, I own them – to side-by-side 3D files that I can play from my Plex server through my Roku onto my 3D TV. […]

Don’t Be Fooled – Xbox One’s DRM Will Return

Microsoft today reversed their highly-defended position of daily check-ins and severely restrictive used games policies on the Xbox One today. Over the past few weeks, Microsoft has been getting pummeled on several fronts. Probably the most famous among my fellow gamers is the thrashing that was delivered by Sony during E3.  However, mainstream USA got a […]

The Widescreen.org Movie and Media Podcast #117

Show #117 is now available! Sony knocks out Microsoft at E3, “Wizard of Oz” 3D release date announced, “Man of Steel” sequel is already in the works, a new “Hobbit” trailer is released, we have a rumored premise for “Star Wars Episode VII”, Sam Mendes might return for the next “Bond”, and more! Show notes

The Widescreen.org Movie and Media Podcast #107

What happened to #106?  It’s there, but I forgot to post about it here.  (Whoops!)  Unfortunately, bronchitis has struck me (hard) once again!  Oh, the joys of having bad lungs!  I can only imagine how much worse I’d be if I had actually started smoking at some point in my life. Because my throat is […]

The Widescreen.org Movie and Media Podcast #104

Podcast #104 is up! (Listen to it! It’ll save your life — somehow…) Several new streaming (hardware) options are now available, movies on USB are doomed to fail, all-you-can-watch MoviePass decides to launch, “The Princess Bride” celebrates its 25th anniversary, you can help a new “Star Trek” series, the upcoming “Les Mis” breaks new territory […]

“Diablo III” is evil … in a bad way

As someone who has waited with eager anticipation for Diablo III to finally be released after a 12 year wait, Diablo II was released in 2000), I knew there would be issues that would be a bit of a pain in the rear end. Don’t misunderstand.  Diablo III is exactly what I’ve come to expect. […]

Asus Proves That Hollywood Is Still Clueless

The ignorance that Hollywood shows regarding technology (and the contempt they show for their paying customers) never ceases to amaze me. Their refusal to look at the reality of their situation proves more and more that the studios are out of touch with modern society. Hollywood was once against the VCR, fearing that it would […]

Nonexistant Borders, Forbidden Sales

The Internet is ubiquitous, but content is not. Some media are not available on every Internet connection. This should be unfathomable in the 21st century. Instead, we are subjected to media companies who are convinced that a 20th century business model is what will keep them viable. For example, Burke and Hare is a dark […]