The Movie and Media Podcast #138

Another show, another rant. This time it’s directed (again) at the clueless disc haters who have themselves convinced that physical media will go away in only two years (ignoring the fact that we won’t see the infrastructure for that to happen within our lifetimes). Otherwise, The Fault In Our Stars and the latest X-Men dominate their respective […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #112

“Six Strikes” goes into effect in the US, Cablevision sues Viacom to bring a la carte programming, more movie content comes to the Nook HD and HD+, “The Hobbit: There And Back Again” is delayed until Dec 2014, 4K movies will be over 100GB, Bryan Singer to fix s**t from “X-Men: The Last Stand”, a […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #105

Get ready for podcast #105, although it might be a downer for a lot of you. One empire takes over a different “Empire”, a “Blade Runner” sequel is happening, Ubisoft gets a partner for their “Assassins Creed” film, the BBC iPlayer is blocked in the US by Comcast and Time-Warner, the “Firefly” crew reunites, 4K is […]

Nonexistant Borders, Forbidden Sales

The Internet is ubiquitous, but content is not. Some media are not available on every Internet connection. This should be unfathomable in the 21st century. Instead, we are subjected to media companies who are convinced that a 20th century business model is what will keep them viable. For example, Burke and Hare is a dark […]