Widescreen.org Movie and Media Podcast #89

Show #89 of the Widescreen.org Movie and Media podcast (that’s my podcast, by the way) is now available! Mitsubishi to offer REALLY big 3DTVs, Jurassic Park and Jaws coming to Blu-ray, an interview with Richard Donner, lots of unnecessary reboots and sequels are planned, Risk and Asteroids are coming (how unbelievably stupid…), and more! http://media.blubrry.com/widescreen/widescreen.org/podcasts/widescreen.org-mmp-089.mp3

Who’s Afraid Of The RIAA? Not Amazon.

Amazon has launched a new service called Amazon Cloud Drive, and several companies are not happy with it at all. Google and Apple aren’t happy, but only because they were planning on having it first – until Amazon beat them to the punch. Indeed, the companies that are frustrated the most by this are the […]