May 132013

My Kickstarter-funded Ouya just arrived today. Sadly, thanks to two back-to-back videography projects, I won’t have time to really play with this little unit for a while, possibly even closer to its primary release day.  But maybe I’ll get lucky and find some time between projects.

You can expect my own review as soon as I feel that I’ve had enough time to give a fair review, unlike what most reviews have been.  (For starters, I know that this is a beta product right now and I plan on reviewing it from that perspective, unlike most other reviews.)  I’ll have my review up in time!  It took six months for me to get this after the Kickstarter ended.  Waiting a few more weeks for a comprehensive review won’t hurt, especially now that Ouya has received $15m in backing money and delayed the launch a few weeks.

But for now, this picture is about all that I have to offer.