Dec 132012

What happened to #106?  It’s there, but I forgot to post about it here.  (Whoops!)  Unfortunately, bronchitis has struck me (hard) once again!  Oh, the joys of having bad lungs!  I can only imagine how much worse I’d be if I had actually started smoking at some point in my life.

Because my throat is in a lot of pain (and my voice is so hoarse, of course, of course) this is a shorter show than usual and I added no extra production values to it because of the way in which I record the show.  As to the topics is that I discuss… bronchitis strikes again, Skyfall to break the $1B mark, goodbye to rear-projection TVs, Verizon wants to play Big Brother in your living room and it’s spooky, lots of Hobbit behind-the-scenes videos, the buzz about 48 frames per second, I shed some light on Star Trek Into Darkness, and more!

Show #107

(Sorry that I don’t have a way to play it directly from here.  I’m looking for something to do that, though.)