Dec 012011

After the combination of my previous post and a good night’s sleep to clear one’s mind of frustration, I wanted to post a more level-headed follow-up to my previous post.

Let me be clear about my recent decision to not purchase anything that’s Apple-related.  This isn’t about the TouchPad incident itself or even about one particular incident.  This is a “building up over time” thing. The TouchPad bit was just the latest in a long line of smugness that has rubbed me the wrong way for a while now and finally has reached a tipping point.

It’s no secret that Apple users have long had a bit of a superiority complex.  That’s understandable to a degree because they were such a minority for so long, yet they had enough passion that they kept Apple going even through the the tough times. But for whatever reason the cockiness of the Apple crowd started to get bad when the iPad was released, probably because even though it wasn’t the first tablet, it was the first tablet to become wildly successful – and not surprisingly so.  It was the right piece of tech that looked great, worked great, and in a move that shocked just about everyone was priced right.

Sure, I understand the excitement when a company that you support has managed to succeed where others failed; but it seemed that the “nyah nyah nyah” attitude got bumped up several notches, even to the point of showing itself in varying degrees in the tech reporting world. Suddenly, entire sections of the tech market were going to crumble at Apple’s feet and people with legitimate reasons for preferring laptops were castigated with reasons why they’re being foolish and should get an iPad instead.  (I personally haven’t seen Photoshop, GIMP, or Audacity on iPad, and I can’t install Linux on it either.  But, I digress…)

But with the release of the iPhone 4S and Siri and the (lack of) viable iPad competition in the Android tablet world, the superiority attitude in just about all facets of the tech reporting world, especially on tech blogs and even on places like Google+, has become all-out insulting, using any excuse possible to degrade anything that wasn’t Apple and criticize anyone who doesn’t agree with Apple supporters.

I have no problems with fair comparisons; but in just one example of the newly-found arrogance of the Apple crowd, some of the recent comparisons weren’t even close to being fair, like numerous articles intentionally comparing Siri to Android’s voice command functions.  Wait, what?  Siri is meant to be a type of artificial intelligence (and it existed as an app long before the 4S was released, not that the tech writers would have you know that); Android’s voice commands have never meant to be anything more than speech recognition! Yet suddenly articles start popping up all over the place comparing the two and proudly stating how Android’s voice command functions will never be a Siri competitor.  Well, duh! It’s not SUPPOSED to be!  They’re not comparable at all! But that didn’t stop the wave of pro-Siri articles from flooding G+.

I don’t know why this wave of arrogance has suddenly crested. Is it a defensive response to the rise in Android fanboys who (mistakenly) think that Android tablets are becoming a threat to iPad? (News flash to Android fanboys: they’re nowhere close to denting iPad sales.) Is it in defensive response to the numbers that show that Android phones now outnumber iPhones? Is it a wave of over-confidence because of how popular OS X has become in recent years? Is it a combination of the three? I don’t know. All I know is that the attacks and the arrogance that I’m seeing from the Apple crowd has reached an all-time high. It’s worse now than I’ve ever seen it.

And, yes, my decision is purely a spite thing – I admit it.  The recent behavior has only made my desire to not give them the satisfaction of buying an Apple product that much stronger.  But a direct attack on me, which has since been deleted by the author of the original article, labeling me as clearly being ignorant and uninformed because I bought a $99 non-Apple media player (TouchPad) instead of a $499 Apple media player (iPad) was the tipping point in a long line of arrogance that I just won’t put up with anymore.

Spite shields are on full now, and I don’t see me dropping them any time soon.