Oct 142011

I love Facebook. I admit it. I don’t love the new changes – at all. The most annoying additions are without question the running ticker, which is nothing more than their ridiculously bad version of Twitter, and the People You Should Follow ticker (or whatever its name is).

The Twitter-wannabe section is frankly a disgusting violation of privacy.  Not only does it show everything your friends do, it also shows everything that your friends do even if it’s with people with whom you’re not friends!  It’s also incredibly annoying because it changes very frequently, depending on the number of friends that you have.

The People You Should Follow ticker follows in a close second place in terms of annoyance.  This is Facebook’s theft of the idea behind Google+.  The problem with this is that it will start suggesting that you follow people even if only one of your friends follows someone!  My ticker started getting flooded with some (admittedly) hot women whom I never heard of just because a single friend followed them. If I want to follow hot women, I’ll do a search for pictures of them in Google’s image search and follow them on Twitter, thankyouverymuch.

Fortunately, AdBlock Plus, a free plug-in for just about all major browsers, has come to the rescue to block both of these Facebook annoyances.  No, they don’t do anything to prevent others from seeing what you’ve done, but they do get rid of those tickers on your screen.  Once you install the plug-in, you should have an AdBlock Plus stop sign somewhere in the browser menu or status bar.  (If not, go to the plug-ins section of your browser to configure ABP.)

To remove Facebook’s blatant ripoff of Twitter, add the following filters to ABP:


To remove Facebook’s blatant ripoff of Google+, add the following filter to ABP:


If you also want to hide some of Facebook’s advertisements, add the following filters to ABP:


And that should do it!  Your Facebook page should be a lot cleaner and easier to read without all of the clutter that Zuckerberg somehow thought was a great idea.

I almost have to wonder if that clown thinks we should all have cameras installed in our homes, broadcasting everything we do to the world with Facebook advertising overlays.  I honestly think that he believes that no one should have any privacy (except himself) as long as he can somehow sell advertising with it.

But that’s a different topic…