Nov 022021

I know, I know. I’ve been severely neglecting the site. Unfortunately, having to work two jobs, streaming on Twitch every now and then, and having found a lot of popularity in Warframe circles for the props that I’ve been making, The Berger Bits has sadly fallen by the wayside. I keep telling myself to get back on here, post new articles, and such, but free time is a luxury that I don’t seem to have. I want to at least get back to posting episodes of the podcast, which also has dropped to a once-per-month deal (unfortunately); but at least it’s still happening.  So with that, here’s the latest.

As always, you can access the podcast directly from Widescreen.Org.

HBO Max adds additional European countries
Comcast unveils branded Hisense UHD TVs
Shang-Chi set for 30 Nov disc release
Celebrate Irish folklore with the Irish Folklore Trilogy including Wolfwalkers
Hard Day’s Night, Middle Earth Ultimate Collection coming to UHD
3D isn’t dead yet – Revenge of the Shogun Women coming to 3D Blu-ray w/ anaglyph red/cyan
DVD is still the dominant format for most disc sales
Shangi-Chi is the first movie since the start of the pandemic to cross $200M domestically
Halloween Kills has best horror and R-rated opening during mandemic
Sequels to Black Panther and Indiana Jones pushed back
Doctor Strange 2, Thor: Love and Thunder open in summer 2022
Rust production shut down, to launch internal review after death of cinematographer
Rust first asst. director had behavior complaints filed previously
Rust director Joel Souza is out of the hospital
Yet another TV series (Seinfeld) has its aspect ratio screwed up, this time by Netflix
– Trailer: The Batman
– Teaser: The Flash
– Teaser First Look: Black Adam
– Teaser First Look: Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods
– Final Trailer: Ghostbusters: Afterlife
– Trailer: Uncharted
– Trailer: Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City
Sable and other Raw Fury games to be adapted for film and TV
– Rumor: Sister Act 3
– Rumor: Hayden Chrstiansen to return as Vader/Anakin for Ahsoka series
Christopher Nolan’s next film is Oppenheimer
Scarlett Johansson and Disney settle Black Widow lawsuit
Russian crew beats Tom Cruise to film the first feature in space
New cast for Rob Zombie remake of The Munsters looks amazing
James Gunn and Charlie Kaufman tried to make a gruesome Gilligan’s Island
The Nightmare Before Christmas manga is coming to …. Cracker Barrel??