Jun 192020

Let’s just put this out there. Black Lives Matter. This does not mean that no other lives matter. At no point was that a statement of exclusivity. But right now there are certain segments of the population that unfortunately need to be reminded that the lives of those with dark skin matter just as much as the lives of us white folks. It’s disgusting that this needs to be said at all, but apparently some people still are too stupid to understand that racism is bad.

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything here, and I’m sorry. I’ve had to take on a second job and it’s really eating up a lot of my time. This site isn’t anywhere close to what I wanted it to be, but there’s only so much time in the day and The Berger Bits is low priority right now. 

Remember that you should be going to Widescreen.org if you want the latest podcasts.  And please … shut up and wear the damn mask!

– California production started as of June 12
– California gave green light to open theaters on June 12
– Most California theaters did not open even with the okay
– AMC hopes to be fully opened in July…
– …as does Cineworld/Regal
– Marcus Theaters opened June 19
– Most movie theaters won’t be to full capacity until 2022
– UK posts COVID-19 production guidelines
– Australia sets COVID-safe production guidelines
– CEDIA Expo 2020 has been cancelled
– SDCC will stream for free
– Tenet moved to July 31
– Wonder Woman 1984 pushed to October
– Matrix 4 moves to 2022
– Paramount releasing 40th anniversary Airplane! UHD BD on July 21
– TCL releases new Android TV sets in the US
– Google’s new TV dongle looks like a mix of Android TV and Chromecast
– The “Snyder Cut” of Justice League is coming to HBO Max
– Avatar 2 production has restarted in New Zealand
– Scott Derrickson set to direct Labyrinth sequel
– Trailer: Bill and Ted 3: Face the Music
– Christopher Nolan crashed a real 747 for Tenet
– It’s official – Cate Blanchett is in Borderlands
– Rumor: Sonic sequel in the works
– Privileged fools demand a 4-hour Revenge of the Sith cut
– The “Movie Memphis Belle” to stop flying [update: but stays in Geneseo, NY]
– New Fiddler on the Roof is in the works
– Pandemic-themed thriller to film during the pandemic
– Netflix buys the Egyptian Theater
– Universal is remaking Wolfman
– Rumor: Henry Cavill hasn’t hung up Superman’s cape just yet
– Access the assets for new animation Coffee Run
– Jurassic World: Dominium to restart production in July
– Cinemark to reopen all U.S. theaters by July 17
– Cineworld confirms July re-opening of all movie theaters
– AMC to reopen most locations on July 15 without requiring masks
– …and then quickly backtracks and requires masks
– Regal Cinemas also now requiring face masks
– Alamo Drafthouse requires face masks