Aug 282019

I’ll be blunt: knock it off with the Sony bashing. Disney made a totally unacceptable offer to keep the Sony-Marvel cooperation going on Spider-Man. To make it worse, supposedly this was their second offer which was less agreeable than the first! I explain why Sony did the right thing by not renewing the agreement between them and Marvel. It all comes down to dollars, and Disney made it clear that they wanted a lot more than they deserved. The idiots who claim that Sony needs Marvel to keep Spider-Man going have not looked at Sony’s history with the franchise, which so far has actually be very, very profitable. So back off of Sony. They do not need Marvel.

I also have a roundup of all of the (worthy) D23 announcements, lots of new box office records, and more!

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– D23: The Rise of Skywalker sizzle reel
– D23: Cast claims that the Emperor is “very instrumental” to Rise of Skywalker
– D23: Lucasfilm releases a new canon Star Wars timeline
– D23: Disney+ episode will be released weekly, not all-at-once
– D23: Disney+ will offer four simultaneous streams and free UHD
– D23: Disney+ launch dates set for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Netherlands
– D23: Lady and the Tramp live-action remake will skip theaters, go directly to Disney+
– D23: Marvel adds to Eternals and confirms Black Panther II release date
– D23: Disney gives some Frozen II plot points
– D23: Pixar announces Soul
– D23: First look at Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil
– D23: Disney announces Raya and the Last Dragon
The Lion King crosses $500M in the US
Spider-Man: Far from Home becomes Sony’s highest-grossing movie ever
Toy Story 4 breaks $1B globally
Sony confirms leak that there is no new deal with Marvel
Kevin Feige confirms separation from Sony partnership
– Trailer: Terminator: Dark Fate
– Rumor: Henry Golding might star in G.I Joe spinoff Snake Eyes
Disney might have a problem with Mulan release in China because of star’s position on crackdown
CBS and Viacom become one (again) which brings Star Trek back together
Kevin Smith to bring He-Man to Netflix as a direct sequel to original series
MoviePass confirms breach that might have exposed credit card numbers
– Trailer: Underwater
Dan Trachtenberg exists Uncharted
Joker gets hard R rating
– Final Trailer: Joker
Bond 25 is now No Time To Die
New Matrix movie is in the works
Tracy Morgan joins Coming to America sequel
New THX Deep Note Trailer
Unlike how many predicted, streaming has augmented – not replaced – the theatrical experience
It’s time for a Best Stunts Oscar
Avengers: Endgame VFX breakdown #1
Avengers: Endgame VFX breakdown #2