May 262019

I got to see Detective Pikachu with my family, and damn if it isn’t an adorable movie.  It has it moments of inconsistency and mood swings, but it was still worth the price of admission to me.

Long-time listeners know that I’m a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest despite being a Yankee. Unfortunately, the folks at Eurovision have a plan to bring something similar to America (read: the United States), and it’s the worst idea they could have possibly imagined. I explain why in this episode, but needless to say I think this idea is a really, really bad idea unless they …. well, I’ll let you listen in.

Sharp is returning to the US with Hisense, which is a very interesting thing considering the lawsuit from a few years ago.  Unfortunately, thanks to the current administration, TV prices might go up.  Disney now controls Hulu, John Wick shoots to the top for the weekend, a Knights of the Old Republic movie might be in the works, the thrashing of the Sonic trailer causes the director to slow down the release date, and there’s a lot more.

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