Sep 162018

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I really can’t cover a lot of CEDIA content because it’s geared toward businesses and those with (as I unashamedly refer to it) more money than sense. But if anything it gives an indication of where the market might be heading because a lot of the now-expensive technology will eventually come down to reasonable prices. Of course, that won’t stop me from making fun of people with a serious case of the money-based placebo effect when it comes to home theater. Yeah, I’m looking at you boneheads who thought you heard a difference with those $10,000 Monster HDMI cables. 

– CEDIA: IMAX Enhanced certification coming soon
– CEDIA: Denon and Marantz announce IMAX Enhanced-ready receivers
– CEDIA: Sony launches pricey UHD/4K projectors
– CEDIA: Epson announces their Pro Cinema projector w/ 2400 lumens 
– CEDIA: HiSense announces new UHD DLP laser projection bundles
– CEDIA: Samsung and Sony bring on pointless 8K TVs to try to outdo each other
– CEDIA: DirectLED (micro LED) displays take center stage
– Barry Sonnenfeld is not happy with HDR or being forced to shoot in 4K
– Ant-Man and the Wasp coming in October (the 3D version releases in December)
– Fox will release the first three X-Men movies in Ultra HD on Sept. 25
– Found Footage 3D (independent, 3D horror)
– You don’t own it: Apple removed three purchased movies from user’s library
– The Nun opens to $54M at home, $133M globally
– Hotel Transylvania 3 is Sony’s biggest animated pic
– Incredibles 2 shoots past $600M domestically
– Summer 2018 box office sets near record of $4.8 billion
– Rumor: Henry Cavill is out as Superman
– Henry Cavill is not out as Superman
– Henry Cavill confuses everyone regarding Superman
– Superman: The Movie is returning to theaters for its 40th anniversary
– EW releases 10 exclusive images from Captain Marvel
– Halle Berry to make directorial debut with MMA drama
– The Academy is postponing their ridiculous “Popular Film” category
– Venom will be PG-13 with a runtime of 1 hr 52 mins
– Obituary: Burt Reynolds
– Alamo Drafthouse will open a new Manhattan location
– Trailer: Halloween
– New Police Academy movie supposedly in a “gift bag”
– Tarantino Star Trek reportedly to portray the horrors of space