Sep 032018

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The fallout from James Gunn’s firing continue. The rumor mill has it that several Disney execs are not regretting their shoot-from-the-hip reaction, but they’re too proud (or embarrassed) to say anything. But on the plus side, Crazy Rich Asians has not only proven that the rom-com is very much alive but that an all-East-Asian cast is not box office poison as I’m sure a lot of white Hollywood exec would like to think.

– Disney alters disc license to prevent reselling codes
– Disc player ownership continues to decline
– Disney releases a few more details about their streaming service
– Crazy Rich Asians has a remarkable week-to-week drop of only 6%
– WB is moving forward with a Crazy Rich Asians sequel
– Kevin Spacey’s Billionaire Boys Club brings in $618 at the box office
– Dwayne Johnson will play Hawai’ian king Kamehameha
– Orson Welles’ The Other Side of the Wind is finished after 48 years
– Cats lands a December 2019 release date
– Top Gun: Maverick pushed back to 2020
– Alec Baldwin to play Bruce Wayne’s father…
– …except … no, he’s not
– Next Big Trouble In Little China will be a sequel
– WB is making a Wile E. Coyote movie
– Rumor: Matt Smith is signed onto Episode IX
– Dominic Monaghan is also cast in Episode IX
– Trump’s deal with Mexico seems to extend copyright
– Star Trek will receive the Academy’s Governors Award
– Neil Simon dies at 91
– Guardians 3 goes on indefinite hold
– Danny Boyle exits Bond 25 citing “creative differences”
– Rumor: Bond 25 is expected to miss its November 2019 release date…
– Rumor: …except it might not
– Hans Zimmer confirmed to do the music for Wonder Woman 1984
– AMC headed to trial over alleged conspiracy with studios
– The struggle to bring Buck Rogers to the big screen
– MoviePass board member quits citing inability to do his job
– The Batman script update expected after Labor Day
– Rumor: Amazon is looking to buy the Landmark movie chain
– Schindler’s List getting a 4K remaster, returning to theaters
– Dave Bautista might not return for Guardians 3
– VFX Breakdown: Avengers: Infinity War
– Star Wars fan helps to develop lightsaber crutches