Aug 172018

Okay, I get a bit ranty in this over something that probably doesn’t deserve it, but it’s the principle of the matter here! Sadly, a TV series that was shot on 35mm film is getting the 16:9 pan-and-scan treatment. It really doesn’t deserve the attention that I gave it, but pan-and-scan is totally not necessary. I think that says something really negative about the younger generation if they can handle black bars on the sides of the screen to fit a 4:3 TV show when just about every other 4:3 TV show is shown in pillarbox, unless you’re the programming jackasses over at Turner.

– Send your DVDs and Blu-rays to the troops stationed abroad
– Incredibles 2 passes the $1B global mark
– Black Panther crosses $700M domestically
– Guardians cast releases open letter to bring back James Gunn
– Dave Bautista calls Disney’s release of James Gunn “nauseating”…
– …and he wants to be released of his contract if James Gunn’s original script isn’t used
– Rumor: Disney and Marvel reported to be talking about reinstating Gunn
– Rumor: Avengers 4 to be called Avengers: End Game
– IMAX will host a multi-day Marvel film marathon
– Paramount is remaking Indecent Proposal
– Charlie’s Angels is being rebooted … again
– Fantasy Island is getting a big-screen remake
– 9 to 5 sequel has the original cast on-board
– A prequel to The Sandlot is in the works
– Rumor: Star Trek 4 in doubt as Pine and Hemsworth call off talks
– Ryan Reynolds to produce Home Alone parody Stoned Alone
– Cineplex and Uber Eats launch home delivery of movie popcorn
– Both Alaskan Blockbusters close; only one Oregon store remains
– MoviePass cuts plan to three movies per month
– First MoviePass-produced film will star Bruce Willis
– Trailer: Venom
– Neil Blomkamp says Peter Weller should be in his Robocop sequel
– Matt Reeves gives some updates on the Batman reboot
– Rumor: Supergirl movie reboot is being considered
– Baywatch owners remaster the series …. into 16:9 pan-and-scan
– Academy Awards will have a shorter run time and will have a new Popular Movie category
– Idris Elba fuels James Bond rumor mill again
– Chadwick Bozeman to star in Russo Brothers’ thriller 17 Bridges
– This series of Metal Gear concept art is amazing
– Next Spongebob movie comes out in July 2020
– David Leitch in talks to remake Enter the Dragon
– Trailer: Operation Finale
– Rumor: Idris Elba will play the villain in Fast and Furious spinoff
– Rumor: Billie Dee Williams returning as Lando in Episode IX
– Child’s Play reboot incoming
– Rumor: Disney stays stubborn and hypocritical; refuses to reinstate James Gunn
– Luke Evans joins the cast of Roland Emmerich’s Midway
– Laika announces their next movie Missing Link
– Han Solo’s Empire jacket expected to fetch up to $1.3M at auction
– LEGO will release a massive 6,020-piece Hogwarts on September 1