Jul 012018

For all of the good things on the Internet, one of the bad things is that it gives even the most idiotic people a voice. This time the idiots have demanded that because they are so-called “true fans” they have a right to dictate to Lucasfilm how the Star Wars franchise should be handled. In something that can only be called “pathetic” (and a horrific attempt to duplicate the American Declaration of Independence), these entitled crybabies claimed that they are going to rebel against Lucasfilm because of the way they’re treated the franchise.

Oh, f**k off, you pissy little whiners.

– 2001: A Space Odyssey remastered from 65mm negatives on Ultra HD Blu-ray
– Amazon’s new Fire TV cube supports IR blaster and HDMI-CEC
– Pirate movie apps install malware on Amazon Fire TVs and Fire Sticks
– North American box office hits $6B, earliest milestone ever
– Deadpool 2 hits $705M worldwide
– Jurassic World 2 brings in $715M worldwide (updated to $932M)
– Infinity War crosses $2B mark globally
– Comcast launches $65B bid for Fox, beating Disney’s offer
– Disney counters Comcast’s offer and is immediately accepted by Fox
– Department of Justice okays Fox-Disney deal for some reason
– Jared Leto to star in Spider-Man offshoot Morbius
– A new TMNT movie is in the works
– Rumor: A Star Wars Story spinoffs are on hold…
– Rumor: …except they’re not
– MoviePass parent company’s stock hits and all-time low
– MoviePass gets over 3 million subscribers, hopes for 5 million
– AMC adds their own $20/month subscription service
– MoviePass warns that “peak pricing” and other fees are on the way
– Alamo Drafthouse to test their own subscription service in Yonkers
– Robert Zemeckis will direct The Witches remake
– Trailer: Creed II
– Red band trailer (w/ trigger warnings??): Assassination Nation
– The next Spider-Man is likely called Spider-Man: Far From Home
– Sony and Amy Pascal working on Spider-Man offshoot Silk
– Jumanji 3 gets a release date of December 13, 2019
– Pete Docter to lead Pixar, Jennifer Lee to lead Walt Disney Animation
– Pinar Toprack will score Captain Marvel to be the first woman composer of a superhero movie
– The hits keep coming as Terry Gilliam loses the rights to Don Quixote
– Red band trailer: The Predator
– Patty Jenkins confirms that Steve Trevor is in Wonder Woman 1984
– Rumor: Indiana Jones 5 will miss its 2020 release date
– George Lucas says “a lot of the fans would have hated” the third trilogy
– Teaser: The Nun
– Doritos auctions the Jurassic Doritos
– New Yorker film critic gives a bizarre Incredibles 2 review
– LEGO designer creates a massive 6-foot tall Wayne Manor with Batcave
– Han Solo DL-44 blaster gets $550K in auction
– Evangeline Lilly burns male superhero actors who complain about their costumes
– Entitled whiners claim to be raising money to remake The Last Jedi
– More entitled whiners make a really sad “declaration” that they are rebelling from Lucasfilm
– True Star Wars fans, however, have a more reasonable statement