Apr 202018

The times when I believe that the government is truly looking out for the people are few and far between, particularly with the current “all about me” administration; however, as someone who loves to tinker and repair his own gadgets when feasible, it’s nice that the FTC has shown that they’re actually on our side. Of course, the same government is possibly going to make TVs more expensive because of a petty trade war. Don’t you just love government saber rattling?  As always, if you want future podcasts as soon as possible, head on over to widescreen.org.

FTC tells hardware makers to knock it off with the “Warranty Void” stickers
Vizio will add Dolby Atmos to its soundbars
A trade war with China might make some TVs more expensive
Black Panther passes Titanic as #3 title of all time domestically
Ready Player One reaches over $470M globally
Diego Boneta joins the Terminator reboot cast…
…as does Columbian actress Natalia Reyes…
…and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Gabriel Luna
Academy Award-winning director MiloŇ° Forman dies at 86
Hulu joins Spotify to offer a new bundle
MoviePass joins with iHeartRadio for their own bundle
James McAvoy and Bill Hader to star in It: Chapter Two
Labyrinth returns to theaters for three days only
– Trailer: Ocean’s 8
John Ridley to write and direct The American Way
Steven Spielberg will produce Blackhawk for DC
Cathy Yan is in talks to direct Birds of Prey
Grand Theft Auto V is the most financially successful media property of all time
– Trailer: Solo: A Star Wars Story
F. Gary Gray will direct M.A.S.K., based on the ’80s Kenner toys
– Trailer: Johnny English Strikes Again
– Long-awaited trailer: The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
– Final Trailer: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
– Trailer: The Equalizer 2
Toy Story 4 release date set for June 21, 2019
Batgirl still on with Bumblebee writer
– Final trailer: Deadpool 2
AMC will open Saudi Arabia’s first theater after 35-year ban
Saudi Arabias first post-ban movie will be Black Panther
How We Killed The Green Screen
– Trailer: Unbelievable!!!!
Fan makes a TIE fighter big enough to ride in