Apr 032018

It’s that time again! Boston beckons and the lifelong gamer in me is drawn to PAX East like Odo was drawn back to the Founders’ homeworld. (Kudos to those who catch the reference.) But before I depart, one last podcast must be done … and here it is. For whatever weird reason, you’re here to listen to it but that simply proves that there are people stranger than myself out there in the world.

And don’t forget that if you listen to this show on the web, you should get it from widescreen.org, not here. widescreen.org is the main site for this. I’m lazy, so it might take me weeks to get podcasts updated here.

– CDs and vinyl are popular again
– Monty Python TV series and movies are coming to Netflix
– Some Philips UHD BD players get Dolby Vision firmware updates
– New TCL UHD HDR TVs arriving May 1st
– Ready Player One dominates the weekend with $53M
– Black Panther becomes the highest grossing superhero film
– The Greatest Showman crosses the $400M mark globally
– The Last Jedi is 2017’s most profitable movie
– The list of biggest bombs of 2017 is not very surprising
– Oppo Digital decides to shut its doors
– Cannes Artistic Director explains why Netflix was banned from competition
– Colin Trevorrow will direct Jurassic World 3
– Grease returns to theaters for its 40th anniversary
– Captain Marvel has started production in LA
– Rumor: The Spice Girls might have greenlit an animated movie
– The stop motion animation behind Isle of Dogs
– Tiffany Haddish joins the case of LEGO Movie 2
– Multiple Star Trek 4 scripts are in development
– Jonathan Frakes doubts that Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek will be made
– Trailer: The Spy Who Dumped Me
– MoviePass drops the subscription price again
– Trailer: Deadpool 2
– Ant-Man and the Wasp will not be a rom-com
– Trailer: Tag
– Indiana Jones 5 will start filming in April 2019
– Peter Jackson is still directing Tintin sequel
– Tessa Thompson joins the cast of Men In Black spinoff
– The Last Jedi blooper reel looks to be painful

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  1. It would seam I missed my chance to see Ready Player One in 70mm, not that I was interested in seeing it anyways. Though I did go to Arclight Hollywood the day before it came out, with a 70mm film reel strapped to my back. I walked around and asked employees stupid questions like; “Are you showing anything on film here today?” Just kind of lightly trolling them. For I am bored. Even more so today because I have some kind of hyperacusis in my left ear and any noise is far to loud. So now I can’t even listen to music. I just got my PSP loaded with new .wav files too. I have an idea! You could summarize and spoil all the events of “Ready Player One” in the first five minutes of your next show! Make sure to only use the right channel. It would be further entertaining from all the spoiler alert people getting triggered, and I shall hear them getting triggered no matter where they are with the power of my left ear’s hyperacusis. That sounds fun. I would be able to “participate” in the existence of the movie and not have to look at a digital display to do so. I don’t want to spend my life looking at digital displays. Phone. Computer Monitor. Tablet. Videogames. Heating/Cooling Display. I’m sorry, but a theatre screen is just a bridge to far, and that’s what’s made me like…. “this”. Did I mention I’m bored? I should go back to Arclight Hollywood and be annoying again. No… I can’t. Even thinking about the extinct art-form of cinema gives me micro-heartattacks. I miss scammers constantly harassing me on the phone for no reason, it’s the only entertainment I have left in this pathetic post-industrial film-less society. Star Trek Deep Space 9 S2 E22 “The Wire”.