Mar 172018

Nope. I didn’t watch the Oscars again. Long time listeners know that I don’t consider the Academy Awards to be much more than a bunch of floofy schmaltz. That’s not to say that awards aren’t deserved, but it’s all about peers giving awards to peers for movies that are meant for the public to enjoy. Movie awards where the public can decide who wins and who loses would be more valuable. Yes, there are problems with fanboys and haters, I get that. But the Academy Awards are loaded with those kinds of people, too, like Academy members who don’t vote for someone because of a nominee’s spouse who has nothing to do with the movie industry! (Yeah, that one will always piss me off…)

Anyway, don’t forget that if you listen to this show on the web, you should get it from, not here. is the main site for this. I’m lazy, so it might take me weeks to get podcasts updated here.

– The Oscars love Water and Billboards
– The Matrix is being released on UHD BD with a new 4K scan
– Samsung’s new UHD TV is invisible … sort of
– Black Panther crosses $1 billion globally
– Ready, Player One had a glitch at SXSW but it still rated well
– Denis Villeneuve is planning to make at least two Dune movies
– Patty Jenkins confirms that Kristen Wigg will be Cheetah
– Rumor: Spawn reboot might start filming in May
– New Joker movie sounds a lot like The Killing Joke
– Mackenzie Davis joins the Terminator reboot
– Bob Iger rules out a rebrand for Fox Searchlight
– Prequel movie to Sopranos is in the works
– The UK will get a copy of MoviePass called CPass
– Avengers: Infinity War bumped up a week sooner
– Rampage moves up a week in response
– Rumor: Logan’s Run reboot gets Hunger Games writer
– Zack Snyder throws some shade at Superman’s mustache removal failure
– Teaser: Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald
– Captain Marvel will be an homage to 90s action movies
– Trailer: The Grinch
– Live-action Mulan pushed back to 2020
– Danny Boyle confirms that he’s directing Bond 25
– Ava Duvernay will direct Jack Kirby’s The New Gods for WB/DC
– Final trailer: Avengers: Infinity War
– Advanced ticket sales for Infinity War dominate previous sales
– Teaser: Christopher Robin
– The Weinstein Company will undergo bankruptcy after all
– Trailer: Sorry To Bother You
– Someone put a Jason Voorhees statue in a Minnesota lake
– The Emoji Movie dominates the 38th Annual Razzies