Feb 262018

You can never get enough Monty Python. Really. Although, let’s face it… The Meaning of Life was by no means the best movie from the troupe. It was okay and had a few funny bits but otherwise it can’t really hold a candle to Life of Brian or Holy Grail.  In fact, I’d rather watch And Now For Something Completely Different which was nothing more than some of their TV skits put together into a movie for American audiences. What does this have to do with show #225? Well, I mention Python but that’s about it. Still, any reason to talk about Monty Python is a good reason.

And don’t forget that if you listen to this show on the web, you should get it from widescreen.org, not here. widescreen.org is the main site for this. I’m lazy, so it might take me weeks to get podcasts updated here.

– Sony releases prices for their TVs from CES
– Hisense’s retro UHD TV has actual, working knobs
– Smart TVs continue to be security risks
– No naughty shows on Disney’s streaming service (no surprise there)
– MoviePass cuts its price again and adds a Fandor subscription
– Circuit City launch delayed
– The Last Jedi will have 14 deleted scenes, 3D not available in the US
– Federal judge declares that Disney misused its copyrights
– Black Panther takes in $241.96M in its first 4-day weekend…
– …while it sets additional records in its second weekend…
– …and setting records in 33 80 AMC theaters
– Don’t play Fifty Shades Freed when people expect Black Panther
– Ryan Coogler writes a letter of gratitude for Black Panther reception
– Jumanji breaks $900M globally
– Weinstein Co. talks collapse; will pursue bankruptcy
– Joss Whedon is no longer on the Batgirl project
– Mowgli and Robin Hood get PG-13 ratings
– Aquaman gets a test screen already; reportedly does well
– Jurassic World 3 already in the works
– Transformers will be rebooted after Bumblebee movie
– Michael Fassbender signs onto the Kung Fury movie…
– …as does Arnold Schwarzenegger
– Jumanji sequel is (not surprisingly) in the works already
– Chris Hemsworth is done as Thor after Avengers 4 … most likely
– Trailer: Incredibles 2
– Chris Columbus attached to Five Nights at Freddy’s
– Game of Thrones creators will write new non-Skywalker Star Wars films
– Milla Jovovich to kick ass and take names in Hummingbird
– Sonic the Hedgehog coming to theaters on 15 Nov 2019
– The Force of Sound, a documentary on The Last Jedi audio