Feb 102018

What in blazes in a Wimbley Woo and how does that relate to a Dingly Dell? No, this isn’t some kind of … er … adult discussion. (My Dingly Dell is just fine, thank you.) But it’s pretty sad when I was able to accurately determine where (geographically) Wimbley Woos are from. Otherwise, Redbox and Disney continue their squabble, a whole crapload of trailers have come out because of that sportsball thingy, and that Ultra HD Blu-ray might not be as good as you think.

– Plex gives you a VR theater (if you have a Daydream compatible phone)
– ISPs will lose “safe harbor” status if they don’t meaningfully crack down on uploaders
– YouTube TV app comes to Roku devices and TVs
– Redbox accuses Disney of cutthroat and anti-competitive tactics
– RED (yes, the camera company) will ship the Hydrogen One smartphone later this year
– Another media outlet agrees: you should keep buying Blu-rays and DVDs
– Justice League 3D Blu-ray announced
– Rumor: WB is planning a 50th anniversary UHD release of 2001: A Space Odyssey
– Is that 4K movie real or fake?
– Why are Ultra HD Blu-rays often sourced from 2K files?
– Darkest Hour breaks the $100M mark globally
– F. Gary Gray in talks to direct Men In Black spinoff
– Shigeru Miyamoto is co-producing a Mario movie
– Michael K. Williams and Esai Morales to co-star in Superfly remake
– Mike Flannigan will direct The Shining sequel
– A new movie is coming based on theWed Wabbit kids’ books
– Rumor: Cloverfield 4 is already finished
– Chewbacca is the reason why the Expanded Universe was scrapped
– First look at Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
– MoviePass war against AMC escalates
– Donnie Yen confirms that Sleeping Dogs movie adaptation is progressing
– Screencraft Film Fund for $10-30K to adapt your screenplay
– Bad Boys sequel get director pair
– An Egyptian sphinx was found in California … sort of
– Trailer: Pacific Rim Uprising
– Trailer: The Cured
– Trailer: Mama Mia! Here We Go Again
– Trailer: Ant-Man and the Wasp
– Teaser: Venom
– Trailer: Hereditary
– Trailer: Unsane (filmed entirely on iPhone)
– Trailer: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
– Trailer:Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan
– Teaser: Solo: A Star Wars Story
– Trailer: Annihilation
– Trailer: Mission: Impossible Fallout
– Trailer: Deadpool 2
– Watch a $500 PC and artificial intelligence match expensive VFX
– Mission: Impossible Fallout behind-the-scenes helicopter stunt work

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  1. I don’t watch movies that are DCP only, even when they come out on home video. I just don’t. But even with that being said, I have to ask the question, WHY IS THERE NOT A SEQUEL TO THE 1987 CLASSIC “SPACEBALLS”? Seriously. It would be dcp only most likely, but it would still give me a little tiny bit of a smile to know that it exist.

    One thing I’m glad about ( the deployment of traitor-vision (dcp) ) is not having to watch superhero movies anymore. I’m sick of them, even though I tried to go see Justice League in 70mm just to find out they had it only a short while and it’s gone.

    I still am tracking my Film in the theatre series, I’m up to 180 something. My plan is to have some kind of presentation to this stupid industry, showing all the films I’ve seen on FILM. Why yes, there is a tinny demand for this sort of thing. Trouble is, it’s hard for me to care anymore. I’m like a bitter old ex-Concord pilot, who non-stop thinks about how they will never fly again, and how everything sucks now. Emphasis on the suck.