Jan 272018

Sometimes I really hate the way that people pronounce things, particularly the way my fellow Americans pronounce “router”. There’s also a great deal of hypocrisy regarding a certain acronym that drives me up the wall when it’s mispronounced … and why.  On a separate note, there is still a sliver of hope for those of us who love 3D. Also, this is your reminder to go to widescreen.org if you want the most up-to-date podcast list because you never know how long it will be before they get listed here because I’m a lazy idiot. 

– Convert your three-years-behind-in-updates T-Mobile Cell Spot to Asus RT-AC68U
– Anker’s portable cinema-in-a-can is actually impressive
– New 8K glasses-free 3DTV at CES
– Justice League is coming to Blu-ray (UPDATE: 3D version for US now available for pre-order!)
– If you want the only extra deleted scene for Justice League, you have to buy from Walmart
– Coco coming to Blu-ray in February (3D versions announced for Europe)
– FilmStruck will go internationally over the next two years
– Thor: Ragnarok accidentally released for streaming a month early
– Jumanji is approaching $800 million globally
– A really bad summer makes US movie ticket sales drop 6%
– MoviePass no longer accepted in several AMC locations
– MoviePass creates a subsidiary to co-acquire films with distributors
– Redbox accuses Disney of copyright misuse to protect its upcoming streaming service
– The Shape of Water leads the Oscar nominations
– Get Out makes Oscar history
– Rian Johnson responds to two Last Jedi controversies
– Danny McBride is Crocodile Dundee’s son
– Danny McBride is not Crocodile Dundee’s son
– John Cena wants to be Duke Nukem
– Trailer: Tomb Raider
– Red band trailer: Super Troopers 2
– Rumor: Paramount might be trying to sell Cloverfield sequel to Netflix
– Trailer: A Wrinkle in Time
– Disney is working on a remake of Oliver!
– Flash movie to be directed by Spider-Man: Homecoming screenwriters
– John Wick 3 director and returning characters announced
– Steven Spielberg is remaking West Side Story
– Warner Animations makes a deal for several Dr. Seuss movies
– 38th annual Razzie nominations announced