Jan 142018

What are you doing here? You should be going to widescreen.org for this! Meh, what do I care. It’s like when kids mash things together at dinner that probably don’t belong together: it all goes to the same place anyway.

CES has made it clear that TVs are pretty much at their peak. Sure, there are things to do but sizes are restricted by how much room people have, audio can’t be improved much more, and there isn’t enough content for 8K, let alone 4K. So, where does home theater go from here? CES has some interesting demo hardware, but it looks like there’s no more room for “innovation” in TVs … unless 3D decides to make a comeback.

And Buffalo buffalo buffalo…

– CES: NVIDIA announces a TV for PC gamers
– CES: HTC reveals a new 3K Vive Pro VR headset
– CES: Samsung’s The Wall is an amazing 146-inch monster
– CES: LG shows the first 88-inch 8K OLED display
– CES: Sony releases a new local dimming LCD TV
– CES: Sony’s A8F OLED TV turns the screen into the speaker
– CES: Westinghouse introduces its UHD Android TV line
– CES: Hisense shows its new Android TVs with Google Assistant
– CES: LG Display’s new OLED can roll up
– CES: MirraViz Multiview screen allows for different content to different viewers on the same screen
– CES: Circuit City announces a relaunch
– CES: Panasonic shows their new 2018 Ultra HD Blu-ray players
– CES: Razer unveils “Project Linda”: a phone-powered laptop
– CES: Moviphone looks good and can project movies as well
– If you want Thor: Ragnarok in 3D, you’ll have to buy the disc from the UK
– The Last Jedi gains the #12 spot on the all-time global box office list
– The Last Jedi dropped in 92% of Chinese screens in its second week
– It breaks $700M globally
– Golden Globes winners list
– Black Panther takes the record for fastest pre-sales at Fandango
– Hulu now at 17 million US subscribers
– MoviePass grows 50% in less than 30 days to 1.5M subscribers
– Kodak releases an app to find out what local movies are being played on film
– Gore Verbinski leaves the Gambit movie
– Fox moves release dates for X-Men,Deadpool 2, and others
– Rumor: Black Widow movie is finally gaining momentum
– Warner Bros. gets a shake-up and loses the committee for DC
– WB/DC confirm that Shazam! will be released on April 5, 2019
– Trailer: Red Sparrow
– The Dark Crystal returns to theaters in February
– Leonardo DiCaprio will star in Tarantino’s Manson movie
– Gag reel: Thor: Ragnarok with Taika

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  1. I actually wanted to get a 3D tv eventually. The phrase “too bad” comes to mind…
    …wait, are 3D tv’s retro now? Now I really do gotta get one. I’m gonna see Phantom Thread again for the tenth time this Monday. I thought they sent off that print in theatre 6 but it turns out they still have it. #3 print seen 8 times. #6 Print seen once. Soon to be twice, unless there’s someone waiting there, to punch me in the face. My response would be; “Take a number”. Miscellaneous complaint that no one cares about; The century projectors Arclight is using for 70mm are not very good. The Christie lamphouses suck too. The projector for Inherent Vice was a great deal better.

  2. Update: That other showtime looks to be DCP. So I probably will not go. At least not for a while longer I guess.

    As for 3D in the home, I still think the best option would be to have a pair of 1080p projectors using a custom home theatre PC or something.

    For video games I would greatly prefer to use a 3D tv over a VR headset. Playing videogames is stupid enough with out them causing me to have pink eye.