Jan 072018

Joyous new arbitrary orbital period around our nearest stellar body! And, hey, I actually did a podcast only a week after the previous one! Shocking, I know! I was not surprised at all to hear that ISP abuses of customers due to the revoking of Net Neutrality were happening. I was surprised to learn that Comcast wasn’t the first! 

Oh, don’t worry. They’re working on it, but Comcast tends to be more devious, like giving you something great now (say, an increase in speed) before screwing you later on and hoping that you don’t notice it.

– Northeastern US ISP threatens customers if they’re suspected of file sharing
– Netflix joins Inernet Association’s effort tosave Net Neutrality
– New York looking at prohibiting Net Neutrality violators from bidding on contracts
– CBS joins Amazon Channel … but adds some commercials
– Roku adding Voice Assistant to TCL and Funai TVs
– Circuit City to come back at CES
– FCC Chairman Ajit Pai cancels CES appearance
– ViewSonic announces an UltraHD projector for $1499
– LG’s first UHD projector gives 150-inch screen
– Worldwide box office hit $39.92B in 2017
– The Last Jedi crosses $1.2B globally
– The Criterion Collection releases The Breakfast Club
– No, John Williams is not writing the score for Solo
– Teaser: Mortal Engines
– Teaser: Wreck-It Ralph 2
– Ridley Scott thinks Alien franchise should be as big as Star Wars
– Trailer: Slender Man
– The Wonder Woman sequel will be “totally different”
– DC Movies gets a new president
– Trailer: The Public
– Untitled Cloverfield movie pushes (again) to April
– Trailer: Death Wish
– Sale of Weinstein Company is close
– Animaniacs coming to Hulu with two new seasons
– Harry Potter museum is coming to New York
– Led by Guardians soundtrack, US cassette sales increase by 35%
– Luke vs Kylo in 16-bit

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  1. I saw Phantom Tread @ Arclight Hollywood. Both 70mm prints. The print in aud. 3 is better than the one in
    aud. 6. Both look biochemically produced. Great movie too, you should go and see it in 1080p video at your local cinema. I talked to an employee and He said it’s been their most popular film ever. I don’t know if He meant movies in general or ones made available on film.