Dec 302017

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Well, I get to wipe off some egg off my face. A few quite infuriating things happened close together, so I was a bit hot (as in a Tom and Jerry smoke-out-the-ears moment) and I let that show. So that wasn’t the greatest way to end the year. 

– I crossed a line and got called out on it … and rightfully so
– Disney pushes for an injunction against Redbox
– AACS 2.0 supposedly broken, Russian company releases DeUHD to rip UHD Blu-rays
– The Last Jedi takes second place in domestic box office gross for 2017
– Star Wars franchise sells $4 billion globally at the box office
– Rumor: Disney is already writing off Solo as a box office bomb…
– Rumor: …or are they? Cinelinx editor-in-chief hears otherwise.
– Mark Hamill is not happy with role in The Last Jedi saying “He’s not my Luke Skywalker”…
– …and then apologizes for making his gripes public.
– AMC alerts audiences to intentional, creative choice that apparently garnered complaints
– All episodes of Star Trek Continues are now available on bittorrent
– Coco breaks the $500M mark globally
– Denis Villeneuve says that he’ll never release the inital 4-hour Blade Runner 2049 cut
– AMC is considering different seating prices within the same theater
– Teaser: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
– Trailer: Early Man
– Trailer: Overboard
– Trailer: Thoroughbreds
– Teaser: Smallfoot
– Trailer: Mary Magdalene
– Trailer: The 15:17 To Paris
– Jurassic World will be a trilogy
– Alamo Drafthouse is bringing video rentals back