Nov 042017

I finally give you my interview with a critic about critics! I recorded this with Matt Paprocki in July when I was returning from TennoCon and I’ve been waiting to release this with the new site. Since the new site is up, here you go! 

As much as I might have railed on critics in the past, Matt and I have known each other for a long time and fortunately we always end up with the “agree to disagree” then move on to the next activity. (The Internet as a whole could learn from us!) This was my first opportunity to actually meet him, so I took advantage of the situation to chat with a critic about critics and movie criticism in general.

– Regal plans to launch an augmented reality program
– Broadway HD streaming service links with Amazon and lowers its price
– Netflix releases an Android app (and DVD helps to keep it afloat??)
– Redbox will start selling a limited number of digital movie codes
– Thor: Ragnarock dominates the weekend
– Geostorm completely fails with a #10M opening
– Amityville: The Awakening earns $742 — no, that’s not a typo
– Trailer: 12 Strong
– The 15:17 To Paris will be released in February
– James Gunn tells Marvel and DC fans to knock it off
– 140 pictures show models for the original Star Wars trilogy
– The Han Solo movie will be called Solo: A Star Wars Story
– Rumor: …and it supposedly will be made mostly of reshoots
– Rumor: Top Gun 2 will feature Goose’s son
– The Addams Family is getting a CG remake
– Dora The Explorer movie is in the works with Michael Bay’s production company
– Regal Cinemas might start to charge less for lower-demand movies
– 17,272 movie collection is up for sale on eBay
– Stranger Things gets a VHS release … sort of

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