Sep 302017

I’m really hoping that this is the last podcast before the big overhaul. It’s actually done except for one page where I’m trying to use a function that my web hosting company hasn’t updated since the Jurassic. They’ve been told about it and they’ve started to make some upgrades, but I’d like to wait until they’re complete. Then again, the one page isn’t going to be a major problem if it’s not ready; but I want to give them a chance to fix it. So, the sixth iteration of is so-o-o-o-o ridiculously close!

As for this episode…

– Hisense to deliver new Roku TVs
– CEDIA: Hisense shows off a 100-inch laser TV
– CEDIA: Sony shows a true 4K w/ HDR projector
– CEDIA: Screen Innovations shows a TV screen that can adjust its aspect ratio
– A primer on HDBaseT (HDMI over Ethernet)
– Superman 3-hour version (as shown on ABC) will be released through Warner Archives
– It dominates its opening weekend
– It sequel is already in the works
– mother! joins the rare (and unwanted) F CinemaScore club
– Apple’s new Apple TV does 4K streaming with a big benefit
– Jamie Lee Curtis returns to Halloween
– J.J. Abrams replaces Trevorrow on Episode IX
– Trevorrow’s ego might have been his Star Wars undoing
– Linda Hamilton returns to Terminator franchise
– It’s official: Patty Jenkins will handle Wonder Woman sequel
– 47 Meters Down gets a sequel
– Despicable Me 3 crosses the $1B mark worldwide
– Gavin O’Connor will direct Suicide Squad 2
– Trailer: Tomb Raider
– Drew Goddard will direct X-Force, an X-Men/Deadpool offshoot
– 22 photos behind The Last Jedi
– Trailer: Breathe
– Orion Pictures returns
– Matthew Vaughn wants to reboot Fantastic Four as an apology
– Warner Bros. will take another shot at Akira with Taika Waititi
– MoviePass might still make money at $10/month
– Classic posters found under carpets fetch £72,000