May 212017

I figured that the cost of really large TVs was more because of the “luxury” factor, but as it turns out the prices might really be due to the laws of supply and demand. But if you’re looking for 55-65″ TV prices to drop like they have for 40-47″ TVs, you’ve got several years to wait. And, no, the MP3 is not dead. In fact it might be more popular than ever. Don’t pay attention to clickbait web sites that claim “The MP3 is dead!” They’re completely wrong. And – most surprisingly – critical reaction towards Wonder Woman have been really positive! I know! They actually like a superhero movie! I hope that bodes well.

The reason why big-screen (65+”) TVs cost as much as they do
AACS 2.0 might not have been cracked after all
Netflix will not be available for unlocked Android phones, let alone rooted phones
The Death of VHS – And What We Lost
Kodak is opening more film processing centers to handle newly-found demand
No, MP3 is not dead. It’s free.
King Arthur could lose $150M
Even the critics think that Wonder Woman is a great movie! (What??)
65 on-set and behind-the scenes Wonder Woman photos
Tom Hardy will be Venom
Star Trek: Discovery has a new trailer and I’m not impressed
Netflix is making a Dark Crystal prequel mini-series
– Trailer: Transformers: The Last Night
– Behind-the-scenes: The Mummy, Tom Cruise stunts
Hellboy is coming back without Del Toro or Perlman
Don’t expect Wolverine to be re-cast any time soon
– Trailer: War for the Planet of the Apes (final)
Hackers threaten to release newest Pirates of the Caribbean
Wonder Woman sequel is already in development
– Trailer: The Emoji Movie
An hour of Terminator 2 is recreated in GTA V
Fan made 8-bit 16-bit Last Jedi trailer gets Rian Johnson’s approval
Austin man sues date for texting during movie (no, this isn’t an Onion article)

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