May 072017

I realize that my opinions of her don’t matter at all, but I’m really fed up with Kathleen Kennedy’s blind loyalty to George Lucas. He does not own Star Wars any more. He sold the properties – lock, stock, and barrel – to Disney. The Star Wars franchise is no longer his to control. Yet because of her blind loyalty to him and continuing to refer to the original movies as “his”, we as fans are getting screwed yet again by being denied the ability to get the original, theatrical trilogy on Blu-ray or UHD. Unfortunately, it seems to be pretty clear at this point that the only way to get the original trilogy is through Bittorrent, which is stupid.

RCA will start to offer Roku TVs
Samsung and Amazon offer open standard HDR10+
NVIDIA Shield TV can now stream UHD content from Google Play
Hulu joins the cord-cutting TV crowd for $40/month with a catch
AACS 2.0 might have been cracked
The Promise will lose $80M to serve a higher purpose
Power Rangers adds to the list of 2017 flops
Fate of the Furious earns over $1B globally
Logan Noir gets a one-day screening at Alamo Drafthouse
Logan Blu-ray release will have three different exclusives in the US
– Trailer: The Dark Tower
Absolutely Anything, Robin William’s last film, will have a limited release this month
James Gunn agrees with me that “spoilers” don’t really spoil anything
– Trailer: Dunkirk
Disney announces a bunch of release dates…
…and so does Fox
Kathleen Kennedy shows an idiotic loyalty to George Lucas
The actual Avengers 4 title is apparently a spoiler
Jeff Goldblum joins Jurassic World sequel
– Trailer: Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Avatar sequels will start arriving in 2020
– Trailer: Blade Runner 2049
Clint Eastwood’s next film is The 15:17 to Paris
– Final Trailer: Wonder Woman
Patty Jenkins already has plans for a Wonder Woman sequel
Downey, Jr’s Doctor Dolittle moved to avoid a Star Wars catastrophe
Alien: Covenant In Utero VR experience is released
Jason Momoa talks about setting the tone for Aquaman
Edge of Tomorrow 2 will be Live Die Repeat and Repeat
James Gunn really thinks you should see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in IMAX
Ant-Man and the Wasp gets an open casting call in Atlanta
– Trailer: Cars 3
– Fan-Made Trailer: Back to the Future 4