Apr 212017

As much as I hate “SPOILER!” whiners, I also hate clickbait. Unfortunately, when The Last Jedi teaser released that gave web sites a huge excuse to throw up clickbait articles. Seriously, folks – install an ad browser and whitelist those sites that you support and don’t give clickbait titles, like this one and widescreen.org. Enough is enough.

Fate of the Furious has a massive $530+ million global opening
– Teaser (and I stress teaser): Star Wars: The Last Jedi
The mysterious planet in the Last Jedi teaser is Crait
Tour the Han Solo set in latest Force for Change contest
Carrie Fisher will not appear in Episode IX
Coming to America is getting a sequel
New Labyrinth movie is in the works
James Gunn is returning for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 3
Dolph Lundgren makes his Hollywood return in Aquaman
– Red-band trailer: The Hitman’s Bodyguard
Captain Marvel finds its directors
Jude Law will play young Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts sequel
Josh Brolin will play Cable in Deadpool 2
If you love scary movies and want to pitch your idea for an independent film, here’s your chance
– Trailer: Detroit
Baywatch will be “far dirtier” than the TV series
– Red-band trailer: Atomic Blonde
– Trailer: Transformers: The Last Knight
– Red-band trailer: The Little Hours
A new animated Ghost in the Shell is in production
– Teaser: Thor: Ragnarock
Wonder Woman box office tracking is below expectations but some reasons are dumb
MGM faces class-action lawsuit over James Bond box set