Feb 052017

Believe it or not, I’ve actually reached show #200! Who would have thought that it’s possible with only five or six listeners! (Okay, maybe seven.) I release this on the day of some big sports thingy that’s going on because – believe it or not – there are many of us who don’t give a rat’s rear end about watching a bunch of millionaires throwing a dead pig on a big grass field. 

And this is your annual reminder that referees, players, and coaches DO NOT READ SOCIAL MEDIA DURING THE GAME!

Be kind to the many on social media who couldn’t care less about the sports thing that’s going on today. Watch the game instead of flooding social media about it.

Watching UHD Blu-rays on your PC has some very idiotic restrictions
Petition to ask LG to make one more 3D OLED TV for 2018
La La Land ties the record for more Academy Award nominations
How do Oscar nominations work?
Amazon becomes the first streaming service to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar
Fantastic Beasts crosses $800M globally
The Wonder Woman villain is Ares
Tom Hardy says that Mad Max: The Wasteland is still happening
WB is looking to acquire the rights to Japanese manga Attack on Titan
Goosebumps sequel is in the works
The upcoming, animated Spider-Man movie will focus on Miles Morales, not Peter Parker
– Trailer: Power Rangers
– Trailer: Logan
Hugh Jackman reveals the official Logan synopsis…
…and acknowledges that Logan will not be in the same X-Men universe that we know
Black Panther cast and synopsis revealed
The official title for Episode 8 is Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Ben Affleck is no longer directing the solo Batman movie
Guillermo del Toro is still hoping for Hellboy 3
Don’t expect to ever see Deep Space Nine or Voyager in HD
– Final Trailer: Beauty and the Beast
Sir Patrick Stewart’s next role involves … poo (you heard that right)
Rogue One crosses $1B globally
A Dog’s Purpose controversy gets a response from its producer
Independent investigation says that A Dog’s Purpose is cleared of wrongdoing
The LEGO Batman movie behind-the-scenes (sort of)
David Ayer expresses regret over Suicide Squad
Every Which Way But Loose is getting a remake
Universal dates animated sequels to Minions, The Secret Life of Pets, and Sing
Chevrolet makes a full-sized LEGO Batmobile