Jan 142017

Well, folks, that’s it. As far as the TV manufacturers are concerned, 3D TV is dead. Frankly, I’m not surprised. I’ve been calling people out for a few years now for what I knew would be the death knell for 3D TV. It turns out that I was right on almost every count. Everything that I said would help to kill 3D TV has come to pass. 3D TV gets my post-mortem in this show.

HDMI 2.1 announced – 3+ times faster than HDMI 2.0
Optoma shows $2,800 DLP 2D/3D projector
LG shows its first UHD BD player
Sony announces its from UHD BD player
Samsung shows a new UHD BD player and soundbar
Creative (remember them?) reveals a gorgeous but expensive soundbar
Panasonic releases new UHD BD players and the first HDR OLED TV
NVIDIA releases its newest Shield TV with Google Assistant
DISH announces AirTV for streaming and OTA
Sengled hides speakers in LED light bulbs
Axiim announces an expensive, wireless home theater system
Sony shows off an amazing (but super-expensive) short-throw UHD projector
LG shows its first compact laser projector
Polaroid (yes, Polaroid) shows off UHD TVs with Chromecast
Sony unveils really thin OLED Bravia UHD TVs
Sharp (Hisense) announces a new 75″ flagship for the US market
Hisense shows a number of UHD, Roku, and HD TVs
TCL unveils 25 new Roku UHD TVs with Dolby Vision HDR
Philips shows three different series of UHD TVs
Hisense shows a monster 98″ TV with 7,680 x 4,320 resolution
LG’s W-Series OLED is about as thick as a piece of box cardboard
Amazon announces a line of budget TVs
Samsung briefly shows a new TV that looks just like a picture frame
– 3D TV is dead – the manufacturers, Hollywood, and even the theaters are to blame: my postmortem
Disney crosses $3B at the global box office
Deadpool is the most torrented movie of 2016
Ridley Scott turns down superhero films and doesn’t think highly of modern cinema
Fox plans for a VR experience with Alien: Covenant”
– Trailer: CHiPs
Internet meme Slender Man is coming to theaters
Carrie Fisher’s ashes are kept in a giant Prozac pill
Disney and Lucasfilm meeting to decide what will happen with Leia
Lucasfilm announces that there are no plans to recreate Leia digitally
That 4K remaster of Star Wars is the Special Edition, not the original
LA will get the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art
– Teaser: Cult of Chucky
– Trailer: Baywatch
– Trailer: Fifty Shades Darker
– Red-band trailer: Raw
– Trailer: Cars 3
Doctor Strange will be in Thor Ragnarock
1:1 Jurassic Park velociraptor bust
Klingon Bird-of-Prey using 25,000 LEGO bricks