Dec 212016

Holy freakin’ hell, Rogue One is so-o-o-o-o good. The attention to detail is staggering; the story is plausible; the CGI work is gorgeous; the characters that were brought back from the dead (or made to look younger) are …. really not that good. I give my review for Rogue One in this episode. And, yes, I’m still going to update and move it to a new server, but coming up with a layout and back engine is proving to be more difficult that I had hoped.

– My review of Rogue One (hint: yes, it’s as good as you’ve been hearing)
– Yes, will be updated. No, I’m not sure what it will look like yet.
Oppo will release their first UHD BD player
Other studios might finally be using Disney’s approach to streaming content
Rogue One dominates Thursday with $29M opening…
…and continues to crush the competition for the weekend
Disney crosses $7B in global ticket sales
Felicity Jones has the contractual option to be in another Star Wars film. Commence speculation!
Adam Driver thinks that Star Wars VIII shouldn’t have any trailers
No, Star Wars VIII will not be subtitled Forces of Destiny because that name sucks
– Trailer: Despicable Me 3
– Trailer: Dunkirk
Tim Miller’s reveal of why he left Deadpool leaves more questions than answers
Movie censorship group VidAngel told to knock it off
A behind-the-scenes look at Kobo and the Two Strings
– Teaser: Blade Runner 2049
That time when Ryan Gosling got punched by Indiana Jones
Sadly, David Ayer is back to direct Gotham City Sirens
Patrick Wilson will play the villain in Aquaman
– Trailer: John Wick 2
– Trailer: The LEGO Batman Movie
The National Film Registry adds its entries for 2016
Video store will be made and filled with 14,000 Jerry Maguire VHS tapes