Sep 172016

Sony has made one of the biggest blunders they could have possibly made by not including an UltraHD  Blu-ray player with the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro. Considering that the significantly weaker XBox One S is cheaper and has a UHD BD player included, Sony could not have possibly made a dumber mistake. Last year, Akamai, whose whole business is content hosting, said that only 21% of US household could do 4K streaming, and that doesn’t count the millions of households in the US who have bandwidth caps.

Stupid, stupid, stupid…

Plex now integrates over-the-air DVR with HDHomeRun digital tuner
– Rumor: Xiaomi will release a sub-$100 Android TV set-top box
STUPID! Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro will NOT play Ultra HD Blu-rays
That black-and-chrome version of Mad Max: Fury Road is coming to in December
Ghostbusters (2016) get a weird name change and weirder release schedule for the discs
Bad Moms breaks the $100M barrier
Suicide Squad crosses $700M globally
Ben Hur crashes his chariot hard with a $120M loss
Carrie 40th anniversary gets a 1970s prom in its honor
Joe Manganiello will be Deathstroke in next Batman movie
All Manhattan AMC theaters switch to reserved seating
Adam Driver talks about the Star Wars Ep. VIII script
Turner gains broadcast rights for 10 Star Wars movies
See the new Imperial astromech C2-B5
More background about Mads Mikkelsen’s character in Rogue One revealed
Uncharted movie is apparently shelved for the time being
Shin Godzilla is coming to the US in limited run in October
MI:6 to start pre-production again in the spring
High Noon remake in the works
Dax Shepard will direct the upcoming Scooby-Doo animated movie
Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge gets a huge standing ovation at Venice
Behind the Magic: The Visual Effects of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
You can own one of the Batpods for a hecka-lot of money
It’s very unlikely that Sony offered $150M to Daniel Craig to play Bond again
Shia LaBeouf thinks people blame him for Crystal Skull
– Trailer: Underworld: Bloodwars
The UK gets to see Doctor Strange a few days earlier than before
Ryan Potter really wants to play Robin aside Ben Affleck
IBM’s Watson AI generates its own Morgan trailer