Sep 012016

2016 is being ruthless. It’s showing absolutely no mercy. Since the first few weeks in January, 2016 has been taking away beloved and legendary entertainers. Unfortunately, that streak continues with the death of Gene Wilder. We all grew up with¬†Willy Wonka and even those who don’t particularly like the movie know enough of it to recognize “World of Pure Imagination” or other bits that have entered pop culture. 2016 apparently has a vendetta. It’s taken enough legends from us. Enough is enough.

Gene Wilder dies at 83
Family statement regarding Gene Wilder
Sony’s UTRLA 4K streaming is coming to PCs with 7th-gen Intel CPUs
Affordable LG Minibeam projectors are coming in the next few months
Roku is abandoning the numbering scheme with their upcoming hardware
The Hobbit and LotR are getting a ridiculously expensive collector’s set
Suicide Squad could break $700M by the end of its run
Maze Runner: The Death Cure should resume production in February
Deathstroke will be the villain in The Batman
Terminator 2 will be released theatrically in 3D
Chinese audiences are not happy with the 3D release of Jason Bourne
Mark Hamill says that Luke will be around for Episode 9
Angry Birds Movie sequel is in the works
The NeverEnding Story is returning to the big screen
Birth of a Nation screening postponed
Karen Gillan joins the cast of Jumanji
DreamWorks Animation is now owned by (ugh) Comcast
Anna Kendrick wants to be Squirrel Girl
– Trailer: Kidnap
Michael Fassbender says that Alien: Covenant will return to its horror roots
This is as close to an apology for Star Trek V as you’ll probably get
Duncan Jones would love to direct a Warcraft sequel
– Rumor: Transformers: The Last Knight find its King Arthur
What was Thor doing during Captain America: Civil War?