Aug 192016

I’m fed up with critics almost more than I can bear. I really have no idea what those people want from movies anymore. Look at the critics vs the audience for movies like Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. The difference between what each of those groups of people want in movies is staggering, and – once again – after the audiences told the critics that they’re wrong, the critics started writing apologetic letters trying to backtrack for their hatred. I don’t get it. What the hell are critics looking for in a movie nowadays? Apparently, “entertainment” doesn’t seem to be a part of that.

The Force Awakens finally gets its 3D Blu-ray announcement
New consoles force a drop of UHD BD player prices
New 4K transfer of The Transformers: The Movie is coming to Blu-ray
Lionsgate will release 80s Vestron Horror Classics
Suicide Squad sets records on its first Tuesday
David Ayer effectively says, “I did what I wanted to do” regarding Suicide Squad
Interview with David Ayer regarding Suicide Squad
Ghostbusters likely to have a $70M loss at the box office
Anne Hathaway and Rhianna join Oceans Ocho
Rebel Wilson to lead in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels remake
– Rumor: Man of Steel sequel is in active development
Captain Marvel‘s origin story will be different from the comics
Universal to release a live-action Curious George
NYU and Kodak will offer 35mm film and production costs to six graduate students
– Trailer: Rogue One
Splash is getting a gender-swapping remake
– Trailer: Arrival
Assassin’s Creed‘s leap of faith isn’t CGI
Fantastic Beasts already has a sequel
– Teaser: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
The Secret Life of Pets 2 gets a 2018 release date
– Trailer: The Great Wall
The Division gets Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal
– Parody (I hope) – Someone claims that Suicide Squad trailers amount to false advertising and will sue WB