Jul 142016

Replacements for Wrath of Khan retail discs will have UPCs with yellow backgrounds
Ultra HD disc sales are doing better than expected as disc haters weep
New UHD TVs from Sony will start off below $1,000
Panasonic will offer a new UHD BD player that caters to audiophiles
This chart gives guidelines to determine if you will benefit from a UHD TV
Netflix will be raising prices for streaming to $9.99
If you want a Plex server, you might want to consider an NVIDIA SHIELD Media Server
Finding Dory passes Captain America as the biggest box office for 2016
That black-and-white version of Mad Max will be coming out … in Germany
Paul Feig wants you to see Ghostbusters in IMAX 3D
Ghostbusters will have an extended cut on Blu-ray
Ex-Ubisoft CEO launches a studio specifically for video game movies
New Tomb Raider movie is coming in 2018
Corey Feldman thinks that Goonies 2 isn’t going to happen
After Incredibles 2, don’t expect any more Pixar sequels for until around 2030
Pacific Rim 2 gets a release date of Feb. 23, 2018
Wreck-It Ralph 2 set for March 9, 2018
New VFX lawsuit might delay upcoming Hollywood movies
– Trailer: Morgan
– Poster: The Magnificent Seven
Rogue One might not have the classic title crawl
Star Wars Celebration Europe to be live-streamed
New Suicide Squad character photos
– Trailer: Star Trek Beyond
Making money is not the priority for the Assassin’s Creed movie
Minecraft to be released on May 25. 2019
The Killing Joke will be available in select theatres for July 25 only
Google Play will implement a type of family sharing plan, but it’s still kind of lame
Tom Holland releases a selfie on-set showing off the new web spinners
Aliens 30-year reunion planned for Comic-Con
The only 35mm print of the incorrectly-called Turkish Star Wars has been found