Apr 022016

The previous weekend certainly was interesting. I did see Batman v Superman and frankly – I liked it! No, it wasn’t a fantastic movie, but it wasn’t awful either. What I do find more intriguing is the fact that the critics hated the movie, and I’m convinced that they hate the public for liking the movie. I have never seen so much flat-out defensiveness of movie critics before.

They kept putting out more articles why people shouldn’t see it; but people kept putting their dollars to it and telling the critics that they were wrong. So the critics put out even more hateful articles; and tickets kept getting sold. The critics then backtracked with defensive articles about things that they liked; and tickets kept getting sold. BvS has created a huge disparity between the critics and the audience — and the critics can’t seem to handle it.

New $50 home movie service targets those who don’t go to theaters
J.J. Abrams supports The Screening Room
An old warning about Criterion Collection Blu-rays from 2009 and 2010
Sony debuts an Ultra HD movie service
– Rumor: Redbox is planning a new streaming service – again.
Fox will release an Ultimate Edition Blu-ray of The Iron Giant
Batman v Superman dominates its opening weekend…
…and continues to set records during the beginning of the week…
…and crosses $530M globally by Wednesday
Gal Gadot talks about Wonder Woman
Zack Snyder talks about deleted scenes in the R-rated BvS “Ultimate Cut”
Warner announces pricey collector’s editions of BvS
Henry Cavill says that fan response means more than the reviews
Behind-the-scenes look at the women of Wonder Woman
Explore the Batcave in Google Street View and Google Cardboard
Suicide Squad to keep targeting PG-13 rating
Harrison Ford is auctioning off his Force Awakens jacket for charity
J.J. Abrams doesn’t want people watching The Force Awakens on phones
Star Wars: Empire of Dreams documentary
Deadpool officially becomes the highest-grossing R-rated movie
Movie theaters start restricting kids under 6 years old for R movies after 6 PM
Animation software used by Studio Ghibli and Futurama is now free
All issues of Starlog magazine are now available for free
Gas station from Texas Chainsaw Massacre to be made into a horror-based restaurant
Massive convertible from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is up for auction
– Trailer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
– Teaser: The LEGO Batman Movie
– Trailer: Warcraft: The Beginning
– Trailer: Ben-Hur
– Rumor: Paul McCartney joins Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No tales
– Parody: Obama receives classified briefing on Krull reboot
NC man gets arrested because he didn’t return a VHS tape in 2001