Jan 182016

What the hell, 2016? What is your gripe against British entertainment legends who are at or near 69 years old? Did England wrong you in a previous year or something? Knock it off!

[EDIT: Only a few hours after posting this, we learned that Glenn Frey, guitarist and founding member of The Eagles has died. This is some serious bullsh-t right here…]

Needless to say, 2016 so far has not been the greatest start to any particular year with regard to celebrity deaths. We’ve lost Lemmy Kilmister, the lead singer of Motörhead; we’ve lost David Bowie; we’ve lost Alan Rickman – all to cancer! F**k cancer!

In other news HDR dominates CES, UltraHD gets a new revision called “UltraHD Premium”, UHD BD players will average $400, The Golden Globes are a joke but no one is laughing, Deadpool is officially rated R, Akamai states that most people can’t stream 4K content (to the surprise of no one with any common sense), and more!

– Obituary: David Bowie, age 69
– Obituary: Alan Rickman, age 69
High Dynamic Range was the main home theater topic at CES
UltraHD alliance announces new logo for HDR-compliant UHD TVs
LG shows their HDR-enabled OLED UHD TVs
Sharp ad new parent company Hisense announce 47 new TV models
Roku expands to more UHD TVs
Samsung’s UHD BD player will cost $499 but can be preordered for $399
Sony will start to include Dolby Atmos on some UHD BD titles
Shout! Factory announces its first UHD BD lineup
Samsung’s new SUHD TV lineup has ridiculously thin bezels
Sony shows its own UHC HDR TVs that are also ridiculously thin
DTS announces new hardware that will support DTS:X
Philips adds HDR to their UHD lineup and also announce their UHD BD player at $399
Kodak announces the first new Super 8 film camera since 1982
Polaroid announces unlocked smartphones and UHD TVs
TCL’s new X1 implements Dolby Vision HDR
LG and Samsung show off new 8K TVs
Take your theater experience with you on a wearable theater system
Akamai says that 15% of the world’s broadband is ready for 4K streaming
Netflix launched in 130 more countries
Android-based TVs can get hit by a side-loaded Trojan
The Force Awakens breaks Chinese debut record
When adjusted for inflation, Gone With The Wind is still #1
Hateful Eight 70mm roadshow breaks several theater records
The Oscar nomination list is very white
The Golden Globes prove that they’re a sham by giving The Martian the Best Musical or Comedy award
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid coming to theaters for one showing on 20 Jan
Colin Trevorrow talks about Rey’s lineage
Deadpool officially gets its R rating
Ryan Coogler will direct Black Panther
Sylvester Stallone will no longer play Rambo
Michael Bay will direct Transformers 5
Zach Snyder talks about Batman v Superman trailer plot complains
Jesse Eisenberg talks about his portrayal as Lex Luthor
Jamie Foxx lands the role of Little John in Robin Hood: Origins
Del Toro says that Pacific Rim 2 is “still going”