Dec 112015


I definitely ended up being more than a bit rant-y on this one, but I’m really sick of whiners who arbitrarily claim that any particular scene in a movie trailer is a “spoiler”. If that’s true, then why the hell are these people watching the trailer in the first place? I also have yet another jab at American parents and the MPAA who think that a nipple is evil but blood and guts are okay. There are lots of The Force Awakens articles out there, George Lucas is still wrong but his ego refuses to acknowledge that, lots of behind-the-scenes photos for models and miniatures are available, several screenplays including Inside Out are available for free, and more!

Models and miniatures of the original Star Wars trilogy
George Lucas still defends changing Greedo to shoot first…
…but he’s still wrong as shown in one of the original scripts
Carrie Fisher thinks that removing Slave Leia from the shelves is dumb (and she’s right)
Alamo Drafthouse in Omaha turns into a Star Wars-themed theater
Really expensive Star Wars ice cream is available
Star Trek Beyond trailer will be shown with The Force Awakens
Spielberg says that only Harrison Ford will play Indiana Jones
The screenplay for Inside Out is available for free for a limited time (PDF)
Over 100 free, legal movie screenplays are available for download
Scorsese and DiCaprio will tackle the story of America’s first serial killer
Sex and swearing remain the biggest taboo for American parents; blood and guts are still okay
– Trailer: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Spectre becomes the second highest-grossing Bond movie
– Featurette: Ultra Panavision in The Hateful Eight
Zach Galligan says that Gremlins 3 is coming out and it will be a genuine sequel, not a reboot
Studio and director for Gods of Egpyt apologize for the distinctly non-Middle-Eastern cast
– Trailer: Captain America: Civil War
– Video: Buster Keaton – The Art of the Gag
Gal Gadot verifies that filming for Wonder Woman has started
Models and miniatures of Blade Runner