Nov 242015

I skipped another one. Oy. So be it. You really should be subscribing on iTunes, TuneIn, or on various Android podcast apps anyway. Just sayin’….

Anyway,¬†Mark Hamill loves his secrets, Sony surprises the world by stopping Betamax tape production, more UHD Blu-rays are announced, lots of Furious movies are on the way, MST3K returns, I actually agree with Michael Moore on something, Peter Jackson didn’t know what he was doing on The Hobbit, and more!

Time Warner Cable tests using Roku as a cable box replacement
Sony will finally end the manufacture of Betamax videotapes
PlayStation Vue comes to Amazon devices, but is still absent from Android
Sony announces its first list of Ultra HD Blu-ray titles
Steve Jobs is dropped from over 2,000 theaters due to poor box office showings…
…as is Jem and the Holograms (I called this one!)
The Tomb Raider reboot gets a director
Gambit will be a “sexy thriller” …. what??
Fast & Furious spin-offs are in the works
Prometheus 2 is now called Alien: Paradise Lost Alien: Covenant
Michael Moore blasts the MPAA for giving an R rating to his next movie
– Trailer: Kung Fu Panda 3
Mark Hamill all but confirms that Luke will be in Star Wars Episode VIII
…but he does say that there is a major plot twist in Episode VII
Mystery Science Theater 3000 is coming back and you can help
The Han Solo 2018 movie will be Lawrence Kasdan’s last Star Wars movie
Watch Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland in London with a live orchestra and choir
The Gods of Egypt are … really, really Caucasian and cheesy
Thanks, Ray: A tribute to Ray Harryhausen
Peter Jackson confesses that “I didn’t know what the hell I was doing” with The Hobbit
– Trailer: The Hateful Eight
Kodak is sponsoring a Super 8 filmmaking challenge
Seiko is releasing Ripley’s Aliens watch in a limited run
Spectre sets a Guinness World Record for the biggest movie explosion
Activision Blizzard creates their own movie studio to bring Call of Duty and Skylanders to theaters
The Witcher movie coming to theaters in 2017
Statue of Lenin is changed to Darth Vader in Ukraine
A look inside ANA’s R2-D2 787 Dreamliner