Oct 262015

I haven’t had a rant like this in a long time, but Pepsi totally, utterly, and completely botched the Pepsi Perfect promo. Frankly, Pepsi should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and whoever was in charge of that campaign should be reprimanded or fired. Yes, I really do believe that and I explain why in the show. Otherwise, Back to the Future is now all in the past, lots of The Force Awakens news comes out including a new trailer, Fox claims to still hold onto the Fantastic Four rights, obscure Dino-Riders cartoon is coming back, and more.

Doc Brown gives a special message
– Trailer: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
A gorgeous new SW:TFA poster is revealed
IMAX details are released for SW:TFA
Several theaters will have SW:TFA exclusive items available
IMAX releases list of 3D laser projection and 2D 70mm projection for SW:TFA
Lots of projectors are shown at CEDIA Expo
Several (expensive) Ultra HD and DVR solutions are shown at CEDIA Expo
Monster shows that it’s still ripping people off with overprices cables
Disney will launch its own digital subscription service in the UK
Back to the Future theatrical re-release earns almost $5M worldwide
Yes, you can order the BTTF edition of USA Today without going to eBay
Nike will sell the BTTF self-lacing sneakers in 2016
After a major PR/marketing blunder, Pepsi will offer a paltry 6,500 more Pepsi Perfect bottles
Batman v Superman could end up being the single most expensive movie to date
Underworld 5 has begun filming in Prague
Kingsman 2 coming in 2017
Paranormal Activity 5 might not be coming to a theater near you
– Trailer: Ratchet & Clank
Fantastic Four is not returning to Marvel
Upcoming Die Hard movie will be a prequel
Obscure 1980s cartoon series Dino-Riders will become a movie
Monty Python releases 14 minutes of deleted Holy Grail animations