Oct 152015

Sony finally will release a remote for PS4, Roku announces the Roku 4, The Wire and Pan fail miserably, upcoming Batman movie could be rated R, sexism in Hollywood will be investigated, some BTTF 30th anniversary tie-ins, and more!

PlayStation 4 universal media remote is up for pre-order
Roku 4 has been announced
NVIDIA Shield gets over-the-air update with lots of home theater enhancements
New Chromecast 2015 “hockey puck” is available
Soundscoopz might help you to hear your TV better
Pan couldn’t pan out at the box office (see what I did there?)
Disney announces/updates several movie release dates
Los Angeles will host the world premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
F. Gary Gray will direct Furious 8
Vin Diesel confirms one final Furious trilogy
Expendables 4 is coming, thanks(?) to China
Daniel Craig is done with Bond
The 70mm version of The Hateful Eight will contain more footage than the “regular” version
The Killing Joke is given a green light to get an R rating
Rick Moranis turned down Ghostbusters cameo because it “makes no sense”
EEOC to investigate the lack of women directors in Hollywood
Hugh Jackman discusses his final Wolverine movie
Two more Mad Max films are coming
The Flash movie gets a director…
…as does Thor 3
The original Halloween returns to theaters only on Oct. 29
On recreating the Twin Towers for The Walk
Order your Star Wars stamps from the Royal Mail (UK)
Del Toro wants Maisie Williams for Pacific Rim 2
Assassin’s Creed gains Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson
Animated version of Ghostbusters is in the works
– Trailer: The Good Dinosaur
– Trailer (sort of): Jaws 19
Pepsi to release limited edition Pepsi Perfect as shown in Back To The Future