Aug 082015


Yay! I missed putting up info for #164. This is not surprising at this point. :/ In this episode The Fantastic Four blame game has started with Josh Trank implying that Fox is responsible for its failure, Sony’s upcoming lineup isn’t inspiring, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is coming back to theaters, Ready Player One gets a release date, the Deadpool red band (NSFW) trailer is out, horror fans get a new curated service, and more!

Chromecast now streams HBO Now
The Fantastic Four blame game has started: Josh Trank accuses Fox
Sony’s upcoming movie lineup does not give me the warm fuzzies
Monty Python and the Holy Grail is returning to theaters
New Line is going to (again) reboot Nightmare on Elm Street
Robert Iger downplays the hype and expected success of The Force Awakens
Ready Player One gets a 2017 release date
– Rumor: Channing Tatum locks down his deal for Gambit
Spider-Man reboot will not be an origin story
Red band trailer: Deadpool (finally!)
The “other” Ghostbusters is happening (for those who can’t deal with estrogen in movies)
Jurassic World 2 gets a 2018 release date
Horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s gets a movie deal and director
Curated horror movie service Shudder gives a new experience for horror fans
Average movie ticket prices hit a new high
Batman v Superman gets after Batman has been around for 20 years
Why CG Sucks (Except It Doesn’t)
Tom Cruise says that a Top Gun sequel “would be fun”
An X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover movie is being planned
– Trailer: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
– Trailer: Spectre
The Disney live-action adaptations continue with Sword in the Stone
Help charities with a chance to be on the Star Trek Beyond set
See an amazing 18-foot Millennium Falcon replica
R2-D2 can help to clean up your desktop as a USB-powered vacuum

That other podcast that I’m in: TGP Nominal
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