Jun 052015

As much as I love film for its ubiquity, permanence (when stored properly), and overall quality, it’s not a miracle drug. One cinematographer acts like it is and then has the misfortune of bringing video games into the argument. Oh, dear. That’s a bad idea when I’m around. Now you know my rant for this episode.

Logitech Harmony can now control the PlayStation 4
NVIDIA launches the Shield, its Android-powered set-top box
HBO Now coming to Android in a few months
Google Jump brings VR moviemaking to the masses
GoPro is developing its own quadcopters (stop calling them “drones”!!)
Showtime coming to cord cutters in July
Use this UHD TV calculator to see if you will benefit from going to UHD
Ultron crosses the $900M mark for international sales
Studios sued for recycling film soundtracks too much
Fox is rebooting League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Watching 3D movies might be good for your brain
I love film, but one cinematographer gives film way too much credit
The new Spider-Man has not been decided; comes down to six hopefuls
Disney to adapt Night On Bald Mountain to a full-length, live-action movie
Jaws returns to theaters for its 40th anniversary
Disney cancels Tron 3
…but Olivia Wilde doesn’t mind
Ron Perlman still really wants Hellboy III
Furious 7‘s James Wan set to direct Aquaman
WB’s film chief denies the long-rumored “no humor” policy
Help to fight a lethal, childhood disease while taking a chance to win a walk-on role for TMNT 2
A behind-the-scenes look at the visual effects for Mad Max: Fury Road
Crowdfunding can now include “investing”
“The Rock” to star and produce a remake of Big Trouble In Little China
Lost Star Wars companion to get the full-length treatment
Eddie Redmayne cast for the Harry Potter prequel
Pizza Hut offers a “projector in a box”
You, too, can use a 3D printer to make retractable Wolverine claws
Kung Fury: an outrageous and amazing throwback to the 1980s